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We are family friendly entertainment with quality. That's what SMFX proudly provides. Our princess, superhero; storybook and fairytale visits are unique, fun; interactive; theatrical-like shows that take place right in your own home or venue. Our performers bring the magic to YOU! All you have to do is kick back and snap pictures.

​SMFX was created by a magician with 20 years experience in the illusionary arts. So we know how to create and bring that magical feeling to your event. We don't just do hum drum visits, we bring energy and excitement to your event with screened professional actors, dancers and simply - the best entertainers we can muster. 

SMFX pays strong attention to detail and bring magical figures to life as if they just stepped out of a storybook or comic book. Not only do we entertain with quality custom made costumes and professionally styled wigs and accessories, but also through voice, improvisation, props, music; dance, enchanted magic spells and festive group activities inspired by the character's personality and backstory.

We are very specific about casting with our team in order to ensure the utmost authenticity. Every event is unique. We also custom design characters (if given enough time) so please get in touch with us to learn more about how we can make your upcoming celebration a magical one!

​sevilla magic fx is not an affiliate of the walt disney company. All of our figures are generic and inspired by ancient and modern day fairy tales. The figures we offer are not employees of the walt disney company, nor are they affiliated with the walt disney company in any way. We only accept bookings from individuals that are aware and understand that we do not represent any licensed figures. Any resemblance to licensed, trademarked characters are incidental. 

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